Constant neck pain?

Lengthy search for your problems with different doctors and examination methods?

Take advantage of the better diagnostics in the Upright MRI through the natural weight load on your cervical spine!

This is how the cervical spine is examined in the Magnetic Resonance Imaging today!

Constant pain makes everyday life a time of suffering

Slowed down by the pain

Injuries to the upper cervical joints, sometimes referred to as whiplash, have many symptoms that can greatly limit the lives of those affected: Cracking and crunching noises or difficulty turning the head.

Where do the symptoms come from?

As different as the causes of an injury to the upper cervical spine are, as different can be the symptoms. Damage to the complex ligament-capsule apparatus around the upper cervical joint is often the result of a force impact …

One impact can lead to a chain reaction
Enjoy the free view

Fully open construction

The special feature of this completely open MRI is that you have a clear view out of the system during the examination and can look at a large TV monitor…

Natural posture

The Upright MRI is the only system that allows MRI examinations under natural weight load of the cervical spine and in different head positions. In this way, the complex body region can be examined in detail…

Better diagnosis through individual attitude

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